designer of the moment: Amber Venz

While rings are clearly the focus here at Ring Me Up, I come across a ton of talented designers while browsing the web. I felt like I was neglecting the artistry and creativity that goes into making a beautiful line of jewelry, so from now on I’ll be showcasing some of my favorites.  This series is all about showing some love to these amazing talents as I seem to find a new obsession every week.

My latest is Amber Venz’s line. After meeting her at the IFB conference last week and seeing the jewelry she had on, I took a look at her website and fell in love.  The line’s feel is seeped in antiquity and the exotic- like bazaar in a foreign land in a long ago time, yet the shapes manage to stay modern and fresh.  It has a vintage vibe without feeling dated. Take a look here, and enjoy!

Pictured above, North Star ring, Mary harness, Dumbo ring, and Alber anklets.  All images above from Amber Venz.

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